Transformative Stories of Body Image

A collaborative project with
Leda van der Post (The CREATiVE JOURNEY®) and #Does My Ass Look Fat (Bomma Productions)

beyond the mirror | transformative stories of body image

Be part of the BEYOND THE MIRROR journey

Are you ready to be part of something transformational?
We’re thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity to participate in this groundbreaking collaborative project
that celebrates the power of STORYTELLING and CREATIVE EXPRESSION.

How to get involved…

If you’re ready to be part of this empowering journey, we want to hear from you!
Whether you are interested in sharing your story and transforming your body image in the process, or if you would prefer to support the project through funding, either financial or in-kind, we welcome your involvement.
Send us a message expressing your interest, and how you’d like to be involved, and we’ll provide you with more information on how to participate.

#Does My Ass Look Fat

Dr Leda van der Post is a multidisciplinary artist whose work navigates the powerful integration of words and images. Through her unique approach, she invites viewers to explore themes of identity, narrative, and self-discovery.

Leda is an author, painter, and photographer who has had her own lifelong journey of coming to terms with her body. She has used her unusual combination of creativity, understanding of technology, and education practice in her artwork and teaching to support others to access and develop their creative intelligence.

Leda wrote her first book My Body, My Muse | Healing Your Body Image Through Creativity to share a unique creative process she had used successfully with many clients who wanted a new way to change the way they lived in their bodies.

Leda is excited to see what further direction this project will embody with YOU and your participation!

Together, let’s celebrate the beauty of diversity, resilience, and self-love.
Your story matters, and we can’t wait to bring it to life through art.

beyond the mirror | Transformative Stories of Body Image